Are You Really Free?

In the world we live in, every decision you make is recorded, watched and a calculation as to why you elected to make that decision is made. Many of your thoughts are predetermined and fabricated before you even think them, you do not even question whether they are your own. Advertising so imperceptible, you are often blissfully unaware of how easily and comprehensively your personality is understood.

With such sophisticated mechanisms of subliminal control, is it so unreasonable to beg the question, are you really free?

Freedom has been defined through the ages as the liberty to choose how to spend your days and where you spend your nights. The 21st century is an exceptional time and the pillars of technology that are now carved into society, encourage blissful ignorance. The allure of paradise in illusion, the comfort in not confronting your reality but rather submitting to a dose of denial.

Even within the traditional definition of freedom, being told when to leave the house draws some parallels with being imprisoned. Spending days upon end working from your kitchen and watching Netflix, waiting for a Deliveroo order to arrive like a rat in a cage begging its master for food, is surely an insane way to live. The rescindment of your fundamental freedoms justified by an erratic paranoia, lead you to question the motives of the faceless powers that be. Is it a clearly defined plan to strip us of our humanity or has Artificial Intelligence conquered consciousness?

There are those that may argue that we are not yet at war and that conscription and having our streets bombed is a far more sinister thief of liberty. I hope to never live through such experiences, and I hope the forthcoming sentence does not sound naïve. These horrific exposures to the brutality of humanity can be comprehended as a tangible menace to life that the human mind can assimilate. 

The ever-darkening addiction to a glass screen on your person 24 hours a day that knows who you are with more precision than you know yourself, is not natural. Promoting products, you didn’t realise you needed until they were thrust before your eyes. Reading various articles all presented at particular moments on specific platforms to ensure the commentary results in you attaining the preferred conclusion. Constantly engineering the most effective way into manipulating you, so your wasted time can be sold. Time is the commodity of the modern day. Think of the time you have wasted just in the last year staring vacantly at something devoid of any meaning, devoid of beauty. Think of the time that has been lost to these devices and how many great artists will never realise their potential because their time has been spent looking at screens. Think of the time that could have been spent trying to achieve something positive in the world. Think of the time you could have given to help someone in need.    

On a subconscious level our minds must feel enslaved, latched into a vulgar vortex that only rewards vanity and compliance. The echoes of your mind are manipulated to console you into accepting that you are powerless to change the world. You are not.

Fear hangs in heavy in the air. The greatest fear of all is, no one is sure what they are afraid of. 

Truth was once important. Truth set us free. Truth made a mockery of callous and evil men who served only themselves at the expense of innocent people. Truth made heroes out of honest and humble men. Truth was always found. What happened to truth?

Distorted facts and palpable fiction control a narrative with no shame. The façade of politics has gone so far beyond a joke, you can only laugh. Special interests offer such blatant bias on even the most fickle story, it is sickening to think that we are perceived to be such fools.

Nightmares so lucid your dreams cannot exist, not even the last hope of agonizing protest. The degradation of humanity has been initiated and, in most cases, it is self-inflicted. Sexual liberty is an example of something that seems righteous and necessary to be free. However, promoting dystopian apps that devalue intimacy and deem the lovers in your life replaceable gradually erodes your self-respect, and soulless, vacuous interactions eventually seem normal.

Love is the greatest part of this existence and it seems harder to come by these days. Both in a romantic and humanitarian sense. It is love that inspires hope and drives people to fight for their rights and the rights for their family. Without love, what is there to fight for? What use is protest in the midst of apathy? 

Insanity is spreading its roots into the core of our society and it is sometimes difficult not to be believe that it is it not in fact insanity, but cold logic. Technology affords a tool to those with the means and the motivation for almost omnipotent control of the most minute aspect of a total stranger’s life. The most terrifying aspect of this, is that the target is unaware that they are being manipulated to serve an agenda they will never understand.

Hope lies in innovation and the destruction of benevolent ambition. Bitcoin is a prime example of how an invention that is almost divine, in its timing and the potential it has to provide people with a chance to opt out of the corrupt, debt drowned society that exploits the most vulnerable and rewards criminality of the highest degree.

Art seems to be suffering in this day and it is easy to understand why. If you are to say anything of any true pertinence, your work will be removed from all the channels that would allow people to interact with it. Truly profound work, empowers people to examine their existence and the true nature of the world they are living in. The power in great art is that it instils a fearlessness, even if just for a moment. This moment can elongate, brew into an action and it is action by great men and women that can save us from a lifetime of pathetic submission.

Think of what freedom means to you and ask yourself… in this very moment… are you really free?